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Founder & CEO, Her Life Therapist TM

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Whole-Person Therapy, Coaching, and Upskilling.

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H.E.R Life Therapist TM customizes your journey with action-based solutions and sustainable results for your personal life, relationships, career, and more. Let’s bring out the best of what’s inside together, so you can break out of your cocoon and ‘Thrive with Purpose’!

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Hi, Monique here, your dedicated Counseling Therapist with over a decade of experience empowering ladies to transform their world and thrive with purpose every day.

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Healing, Empowerment, and Rebirth. H.E.R.


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Throughout my career, I’ve helped a diverse range of clients navigate life’s complexities in relationships, self-confidence, career, purpose, and authenticity. My approach is integrative, combining various therapeutic techniques through counseling and coaching tailored to each client’s unique needs. Providing the whole-person solution.

I believe in “women supporting women,” which is why I have founded Inner Beauty Bank, a client-supported donation program providing no-cost counseling and coaching to women who may not otherwise afford professional services. And sharing monthly strategies as host of the H.E.R. Life Unfiltered podcast. Celebrating and bringing women together internationally in all stages of life to share their experiences of life, love, challenges, and triumphs. *Featured segments: Her Life, College Life, Mom Life, and Boss Life.

Despite my professional accomplishments, professional affiliations, and international reach, I consider my biggest professional achievement to be the positive transformations I’ve witnessed in my clients’ lives. Their success is my success, and it fuels my passion to continue in this rewarding profession.

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Fun fact, my name literally means “Advisor” (thanks mom, dad, and uncle gus). So, of course, it was easy to recognize who I was, my value, and live out my purpose, right? Wrong.

It took a series of experiences throughout my life to drive me towards my life’s purpose. As a child, I was always the one initiating conversations with the lonely kids and being empathetic to strangers who seemed distressed. Yes, I was that girl.

Throughout my life, I found myself attracting people – friends, colleagues, even strangers – who confided in me about their personal lives. It was natural for me to offer empathy and support.

After years of these experiences, challenges, and triumphs I realized and embraced my life’s purpose; aligning purpose with every area of my life to gain genuine sustainable success.

In short – I embraced my purpose, recognized my strengths, tackled obstacles, educated myself and now have successfully helped to transform the lives of women internationally… and I can’t wait to help you achieve sustainable success in your life’s journey!

  • M.C. Counseling Degree | Licensed Counselor (IP | LPCC)
  • Certified Master Coach | Career and Purpose
  • Award-Winning Learning Author
  • Global Learning Management Professional
  • International Women’s Coach
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – a wife and ‘Mom of three’!
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