Benefits of Counseling Therapy at

Counseling or Coaching?

Which is best for me?

Why choose? Benefit from both!

Counseling is a type of licensed talk therapy that provides results for those seeking to overcome problematic mental health, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, negative behaviors, self-doubt/insecurities/lack of confidence, and relationship challenges (i.e., family, intimate, and otherwise).

Coaching is transformational. Become unstuck and excel with proven strategies to identify and achieve your goals in life, relationship, career, and purpose with sustainable results from the experts. Learn how to make your skills and purpose create opportunities for you.

I am both a licensed counselor/therapist and master certified coach. Your single source solution!

– Monique

What does HER Life Therapist offer?

Counseling and Coaching. Providing results for your whole person in a single solution.

What’s the difference between a Licensed Counselor/Therapist and a Life Coach?

Counselors/Therapists – One major difference is a counselor/therapist, such as myself, has one or several degrees, specifically a Master’s Degree in Counseling, is state-licensed to practice, and is constantly held to requirements and standards of governing entities.

Additionally, as a Master Certified Coach, I empower you with sustainable solutions for your life, purpose, relationships, career, and spiritual life. Giving you the advantage of working with a licensed professional experienced to help you overcome, transform, and thrive.

Life Coaches – Life Coaches do not require degrees, licenses, certification, or governance. There are life coach businesses that offer independent certifications yet it is not required to operate a life coaching service or business.

Top female counseling therapist and coach.

Benefits of Whole-Person Therapy

Acknowledging the Need

It can be difficult to acknowledge or even recognize the need for therapy, but it is important to acknowledge that everyone can benefit from meeting with a counselor. Counselors provide support and guidance toward uncovering who you are, what your unhealthy habits and triggers are, and ways to cope and overcome them so you can experience life without blockers. Being your authentic self with purpose.

Your Life Therapist

Working with me as your licensed therapist opens up doors for you to overcome and transform. Managing your feelings and gaining insight into your thoughts and behaviors. Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improving relationships in career, business, and personal. Benefit from improved self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, and increased self-awareness. With a licensed professional trained to deal with difficult life events, such as a death in the family, a divorce, or a job loss. Additionally, as your master certified coach your journey includes overcoming the above and a plan to get you to the next level in your relationships, career, and purpose.

Results, Results, Results

The results and positive effects of therapy are numerous. When attending counseling sessions, you can also learn how to better manage your mental wellness and self-care while developing healthier coping strategies. Make a commitment to yourself that you will consistently practice and live out daily what you have gained during counseling for sustainable results.

Time to Take ActionStop Holding Yourself Back

Ready to experience the benefits of therapy and live out your life being authentically you? Then, let’s talk; you owe it to yourself.

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