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H.E.R Life Therapist TM opens doors for you to thrive with purpose one breakthrough at a time. Experiencing the best in counseling and coaching for long-term sustainable success. Transforming and elevating your whole person, not just bits and pieces. Best Counseling and Coaching.

You’re a Force to Be Reckoned With

…but no one will recognize that – until you do first!

Wanting to overcome and being an overcomer is not the same. You must take action and follow through. Stop allowing your past, mistakes, insecurities, and others to dictate your ability to thrive.

Let’s break barriers and cover more ground by addressing your past, defining goals, and thriving. Embrace becoming authentically, you.

I’m done

holding back!

Unstoppable; the Power of a Woman Determined to Rise

Cookies Don’t Cut It!

Toss the cookie-cutter methods out the door. Everything about you is UNIQUE. Experience wins with whole-person therapy that is just as unique as you – elevating your mental, emotional, and occupational wellness in one.

  • Mental Health – Overcome and Achieve Balance.
  • Relationships – Establish Connection, Stability, and Trust.
  • Purpose – Identify, Align, and Thrive.
  • Career/Occupational – Demonstrate Your Worth and Promote Yourself.

Let’s do the thing…

Best Counseling and Coaching

Open the door to transformative counselling and experience new possibilities with a top life therapist.
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Coach Myself Courses

Personal growth and self-improvement courses at your fingertips. Get structured guidance, expert advice, and action-based strategies for developing healthy habits. At your own pace and on your own time.

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